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Benefits of association with is a complete patient data archiving and reporting system. It has been designed to work in a way which is familiar to all of us. It uses latest technology to make a doctors life less stressfull and more productive.

Its complete clinical management and reporting system  has OPD/IPD/Radiology/Gastroenterology/Cardiology/Pathology/Patient photographs management system which is Smartphone compatible.

Novalabz has about 80 family doctors referring to it on a regular basis

We have grown from 200 tests to 3000 tests/month in a span of 4 months and we are still growing at the rate of 10% /month.

Novalabz is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

We have increasingly found the use of Android Smartphones  among  60% of family physicians and 90% of consultants.

This gives a huge market to be tapped by making use of a technology to put forward information to doctors and consultants.

Any application which makes use of this platform is the future . Patients and  doctors will prefer  the individuals who are using this technology. Increasing use will make this technology omnipresent .. In US/UK  100% of patient data and doctors are online and everyone has found good uses to that effect

Yes there will be doctors who are not going to use this technology .They wil find themselves increasingly isolated and  will  loose out to people who are using this technology. Also they will be spending more time in travelling and doing mundane tasks which are much better and faster done by computers. They will also loose out on important reports many a time because of their non availability. More and more uses will be found as time goes by. First mover advantage will remain as always a crucial part in any business.

 Benefits to patients

1.       Online access

2.       Telemedicine

3.       Comprehensive reports

 Benefits to doctors

1.       Increase business because of referrals from networked doctors

2.       Faster access to patient reports

3.       Decrease travelling time and visits for report visualization.

4.       Faster decision time

5.       Referral from networked doctors

6.       Newsletters  can be sent by doctors  for new procedures or interesting cases to Family physicians. In this age of competition dispersal of information is the key factor for success or failure in many cases.

7.       Showcasing of achievements on Novalabz .com website.

8.       Every email sent to patient carries a word about the referring doctor and his speciality.This constantly reinforces the doctors name.It can also give special interests and achievements of that doctor which are not routinely discussed with the patient. This information is also available everytime the patient logs in.

9.       Every email to doctor showcases the doctor of the month of a specialist which can go a long way in getting across to doctors at no extra cost.

10.   Second referrals are faster, quicker and accurate.

11.   Easier management of patient data and photographs

12.   Statistics for paper presentation

13.   Easier tracking of progress of patient from graphs of pathology reports.

14.   Quite simply less stress and lesser health problems go together. 

15.   Discount from reputed brands for doctors & theire families

   To see the sample email


Benefits to Radiology centers

1.       Telemedicine or Radiology reporting from networked hospitals.

2.       Attractive added feature for referral doctors.

3.       Eventual decrease of plate costs on a selected basis as some reports can be emailed to tech savvy doctors and copy can be printed on photo quality paper(total cost is Rs 5 v/s Rs 100 for a s ingle plate).

4.       Increase business from networked doctors.

5.       Pt  preference for networked over non networked centers

6.       Increase business from networked hospitals

7.       Emailing of reports adds to a professional impression of the center because simply put no one else is doing it. 

Benefits to Hospitals  

1.       Easier management of different departments.

2.       Archiving of patient reports.

3.       Better management of ICU patients because of faster access to reports by consultants.

4.       Faster management of emergency patients as reports can be emailed directly and treatment started much faster specially for orthopaedic and cardiology cases.

5.       Spreadsheet function makes any ICU patient management easy.

6.       Easier access for networked doctors

7.       Online discharge summary save 90% of RMO time

8.       Online gastroenterology reports lead to a faster discussion with referring doctors and this leads to more admissions.

9.       Better impression leads to better compensation from patients.

10.   TPA module makes communication with  TPA  during cashless billing much easier and simpler and faster. 

Yes we understand you have concerns

Some of the concerns we would like to address  are

1.       I will have to enter reports-Negative as all report entry is done behind your back for you

2.       My patient will go directly. -Negative as all patients are tracked and Novalabz does not interact directly with any patient in fact even the access can be from your hospital or center website

3.       Data security data is as secure you could possibly have on the net also the module has regular backup on a daily basis. All data is password protected.

4.       I do not want patients to have a direct access without my knowledge. -All log in information is optional in most cases and in our experience  of 5000 pts over 1 year ,no patient has made a direct request to us.

5.       What about my patient going directly. Your interest is tracked and taken care of even if the patient comes directly.

6.       I do not want to be tied to any center , can I enter data from other centers-Yes you can there is a charge of Rs 5/ report. But we do not take any responsibility for accuracy of reports from other centers. Reports can also be scanned or photographed and uploaded to pt account free of cost.

7.       I need to know how to operate a computer- Negative, most of the time all reports are emailed to you on a smart phone and operating a computer is not necessary. Unless a print out is required.

8.       I donít have a smart phone Ė Novalabz  can send you an sms of pathology reports.

9.       I can join later there is no hurry- Yes you are right but we can only take limited members due to online space constraints.

10.   Can I buy the whole system- yes you can the price is Rs 5,00,000 with a maintenance  charge of Rs 30,000/year

We would be more than happy to address any other concern or explain any benefit stated above in full detail.

Please contact Dr Sabiha Shaikh Director Novalabz on  9969605901 for any clarification.


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